mystery shoppingMystery shopping is a performance evaluation process that allows the owners and managers of service organizations to really understand how their customers are treated in their shops, offices or practices, on the telephone, in writing or online. By learning about its customers a company can:

  • Improve its customer service
  • Improve its product knowledge
  • Improve the communication of promotions and new product launches
  • Improve the selling skills of its employees

As a business intelligence consulting company, Roe Smithson & Asociados Ltda offers customer experience evaluations (mystery shops), market research, compliance audits, reward programs, competitor shops, pricing audits, business verifications, physical inspections and merchandising.

We specialize in designing and implementing tailored performance -measurement programmes, which will provide you with the feedback you need regarding your customer-facing staff. The research may be undertaken through a single service or, increasingly, across a number of services to ensure that an overall picture emerges.

Our service works in partnership with your business to increase your customers’ positive experiences and boost your sales. We will help you build and develop a valuable research program in an honest, objective and ethical manner.

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