market analysis - press release - business counseling ...The ample range of services rendered by our Marketing Intelligence, market research agency and bilingual (English/Spanish) market consultant Roe Smithson & Asociados  throughout Chile as well as in Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay y Argentina,  includes quantitative and qualitative market research, data base development in South America, Market Research in Latin America, Focus Group and market analysis as part of the business counseling in almost all types of industry.

We are listing some of the industries analyzed by the market research agencies and subjected to qualitative and quantitative methods as well as to market research methods: Sales representation, retails, automotive, financial services, pet feeding, feeding services, logistics, land transportation, information technology, telecommunications, construction, accessories for construction, real estate, active-duty fixed investment and/or entrepreneurial, intangibles investment, clothing, fashion, courier services, money transfer services, beverages and snacks, furniture elaboration, machinery of earthwork, biotechnology, aquiculture, agricultural industry, receptive tourism and business tourism.

Roe Smithson & Asociados is a market consultancy company with high performance in business counseling having carried out 70 projects of market research in South America, market analysis, qualitative and quantitative studies, and marketing studies during the last years among which we shall mention:

Lima (capital city of Perú) and its states.

A market study and market analysis on the requirements for investment in wireless telecommunications tools of the 20 largest companies of Argentina, Chile, Perú, Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil was carried out upon request of an international market research company. At the beginning of the market analysis some meetings were set, later on there was a meeting with each manager of technology and systems of such companies, who were proposed to contact the client.

Upon request of an expert international company on market intelligence, market penetration,  market segmentation, market study and market analysis was carried out on the storage capacity and attached services of the 5 largest companies of Perú, México, Colombia and Brazil as well as its patrimonial relation with the most important retail companies in the country.

The reports provided by the transport and storage unions led to the identification of the most outstanding companies and the existence of angels capitals, after this a business meeting was planned and held with the respective commercial managers.

The use and application of technologies of telecommunications (wire and wireless) among 12 companies of the financial sector in Perú, Colombia, Venezuela and Chile were subjected to an international market study and market analysis upon request of a market research company. The process of market analysis included a meeting with the managers of investments as a result of which the interests of investment were gathered person to person, some technologies of interest were used and applied during this project.

Santiago (capital city of Chile) and its regions.

This project has meant the execution of a press release and later business counseling in the search of new businesses opportunities for an expert international company in the generation of interest groups by internet by means of using tools of chat, virtual forums and blogs. The heads of content and publishers of the most important radio stations of Santiago were interviewed, each of them also met the client afterwards; some of these interviews were broadcasted and published in the main pages of several newspapers of the country.

It is an important market analysis and study carried out throughout Chile in a four-month period developed through a partnership with an ally, which deals with the application of technologies of information and telecommunications among students, teachers and staff of 14 state Chilean universities. This outstanding project had a US$85,000 budget, was financed by the Inter American Bank of Development (IBD) and the supervision of Universidad Austral for the benefit of the Ministry of Education and of the Chilean university community in general. During this project around 1.000 personal interviews were conducted, there were 12 focus groups and a large amount of phone interviews.

Eight focus groups addressing the interest of youth between 14 and 17 years old on the use of games and accessible technologies through a web site provided by the client were implemented for a market research company in Argentina. While carrying out this project over 64 youngsters were recruited for market analysis purposes, they were invited to a cybercafé to participate in the focus group, and they received incentives for their participation.

Sao Paulo (capital city of Brazil) and its states.- 120 patients of schizophrenia in Sao Paulo, Brazil were recruited and interviewed with marketing consultancy aims for an European leader company on the elaboration of medicines for schizophrenia treatment. The work for business consultancy in this case required hiring and training professionals with experience in high impact interviews, who contacted the people by visiting their encounter and regular visit places.

In order to determine the investment amounts in logistics services of the 10 most important load transportation companies of
Brazil, Chile and Colombia a market study and market analysis was ordered for one of the international market research agencies. This market analysis and study led to the identification of the most important companies on the field, then they were contacted and the managers of finances were interviewed in person and by phone as well as the managers of the branches located in the city of Sao Paulo.

A market study and market analysis related to the implementation of an ASP business line in the South American market (Chile, Brazil, Colombia y Venezuela) and the interest on the purchase of services for a developer of ASP solutions and internet was carried out by obtaining information through search in secondary sources and through in-depth interviews with the systems managers of international franchises operating in South America.

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