Marketing Intelligence in Latinamerica  Marketing Intelligence in South America is one of our services that we offer in ROE Smithson & Asociados. A marketing intelligence in South America is necessary to collect all valuable information to suppor our customer in the region in their Strategic Plan.

A Marketing Intelligence in South America is one of the best ways for any company to maximize capital Work in order to determine resources. A Marketing Intelligence in South America must be an ongoing process to keep checking some key information such as consumer´s behavior and market trends such as Weaknesses, Opportunities, Strengths and Threats or WOST Analysis in English or DOFA in Spanish.

In ROE Smithson & Asociados from Chile, we use to support all our customers to know their market pretty well. Information about market trends can lead our customers to save resources making right and smart strategic and commercial moves by way of a Marketing Intelligence in South America.

We are a leader company in South America, both bilingual Spanish and English, developing investigation and research in the region such as Marketing Intelligence in South America. In ROE, support all our customers in their Strategic Plan by positioning their brand, company and/or products, new strategies for new products and new markets among other benefits.

In ROE we develop Marketing Intelligence in South America for our customers in the region by using some techniques and also either qualitative or quantitative studies of researches about distribution channels, trends, sales places, competitors, advertisement in the market, prices, costs, and so forth. All of these collected data is pertinent for all our customers to move forward about new strategies, promotions, new markets and new products and services, among others.

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