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Published by Roe Smithson & Asociados Ltda in Santiago Chile on 29 Jun 2016

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Published by Roe Smithson & Asociados Ltda in Santiago Chile on 04 Sep 2012

Marketing Intelligence in South America

Marketing Intelligence in Latinamerica  Marketing Intelligence in South America is one of our services that we offer in ROE Smithson & Asociados. A marketing intelligence in South America is necessary to collect all valuable information to suppor our customer in the region in their Strategic Plan.

A Marketing Intelligence in South America is one of the best ways for any company to maximize capital Work in order to determine resources. A Marketing Intelligence in South America must be an ongoing process to keep checking some key information such as consumer´s behavior and market trends such as Weaknesses, Opportunities, Strengths and Threats or WOST Analysis in English or DOFA in Spanish.

In ROE Smithson & Asociados from Chile, we use to support all our customers to know their market pretty well. Information about market trends can lead our customers to save resources making right and smart strategic and commercial moves by way of a Marketing Intelligence in South America.

We are a leader company in South America, both bilingual Spanish and English, developing investigation and research in the region such as Marketing Intelligence in South America. In ROE, support all our customers in their Strategic Plan by positioning their brand, company and/or products, new strategies for new products and new markets among other benefits.

In ROE we develop Marketing Intelligence in South America for our customers in the region by using some techniques and also either qualitative or quantitative studies of researches about distribution channels, trends, sales places, competitors, advertisement in the market, prices, costs, and so forth. All of these collected data is pertinent for all our customers to move forward about new strategies, promotions, new markets and new products and services, among others.

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Published by Roe Smithson & Asociados Ltda in Santiago Chile on 28 Jun 2011

Market Research in South America

Market Research in Latin AmericaROE SMITHSON & ASOCIADOS is a well recognized company in Chile, bilingual (English/Spanish), in investigation and Market Research in South America.  We are a company with strong leadership that customers can trust on to run their marketing investigation to support their Strategic Plan for positioning their brand, products, new strategies for new and current products and markets among other benefits.

We provide the best in Market Research in South America. We have services in countries such as Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Brasil, Uruguay, Argentina and some others countries very soon, to support all our customers to know their threats, opportunities, strengths and weaknesses, and also for their competitors, in their market.

ROE use the best techniques to collect data from the market to support Market Research in South America. Some of those techniques can be appointed here such as mystery shopping, on line and one-on-one interviews, focus group, telephone interviews, all types of surveys, among others.

Market Research in South America is the best way for all customers to know key variables of their segment of the market they are in. This investigation is very important for them to decide what to do about strategies for coming promotions, opening new markets, developing new products to satisfy end users´ requirements and for becoming more profitable in the line of business among other benefits.

For more Information about ROE SMITHSON & ASOCIADOS and all regards Market Research in South America and also all of the techniques to collect information from the objective market, do not hesitate to contact us anytime soon just by clicking HERE.

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Market Segmentation

In Roe Smithson & Asociados, we support our customers to spread out their strategy into any specific market, making a reliable market segmentation based on our information, our experience and our techniques to increase financial reports.

Market segmentation is very important to define targets and resources to enter into a new market or to actual market with new products to have the best opportunity to achieve strategic goals.

It is also important to make market segmentation in order for our customers to maximize chances and resources to know in advance what specific market they are going into participate to have the highest probability to succeed.

Roe Smithson & Asociados Ltda. is a very recognized bilingual English-Spanish market research company with operations in Chile, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina.  Market research is presented to our customers in qualiltative and quantitative figures for them to make their minds easier with proper market information such as market segmentation.

For customers, market segmentation is key information to run Strategic Plan and ROE has the experience and knowledge to collect the information required to determine what segment is appropriated for any customer to go into it and offer their services, products, materials, promotions, publicity, among others.

For more information about Roe Smithson & Asociados and the portfolio about market research and consultant either in Chile or any other country in South America and all techniques to collect market data and very particularly all about market segmentation, please, do not hesitate to contact us anytime by clicking HERE.

Published by Roe Smithson & Asociados Ltda in Santiago Chile on 29 May 2010

Market Research Methods

market research methodsRoe Smithson & Asociados Ltda offers the full range of market research methods, both quantitative and qualitative, backed by outstanding technical expertise.

This allows us to individually tailor each project based on the task at hand, rather than based on the services we offer. We pride ourselves on offering creative solutions that provide actionable insight.

When you hire us, you and your company are guaranteed the best market research methods, a bespoke approach and a highly experienced staff, who are skilled across qualitative and quantitative techniques, have a deep understanding of our client’s business area and over all, are passionate, energetic and really care about doing an outstanding job.

The market research experts of Roe Smithson & Asociados Ltda. carry out their job by employing the latest thinking, and exploiting new technologies in the creation and development of advanced market research methods.

Our services include an added value based on knowledge and experience. For your research needs and based on our market research methods, you might require a full service approach from project design through to fieldwork and delivery of results. We will work with you individually to meet your specific needs, deliver insights, innovation and best practice market research.

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Market Research Consultant

market research consultantOur recommendations really make a difference

Roe Smithson & Asociados Ltda is a market research consultant, established in Chile to provide the small and medium companies in South America with the short and long term strategy and help them in achieve their goal.  We have certified experience working across a range of industries in strategic marketing, research and evaluation and business counseling.

As a renown market research consultant we provide precise data, reasonable views and high-quality services. We take on projects from beginning to end, and offer proposal writing, project management, run focus groups and depth interviews, questionnaire design, qualitative and quantitavie analysis, report writing and power point presentations.

Our work as a market research consultant has made a big impact, helping to define business strategies, launch new products and implement policies across Chile and some other countries of South America as well. Whether you’re introducing a new product, re-branding or re-pricing, we’ll help you understand the key players, trends and dynamics of any given market.

We help our clients achieve great things. Whether you’re planning a multi-national sales strategy or launching a new service locally, we’ll device an entirely bespoke solution to help you achieve your goals. Whatever your market or product, we’ll help you identify new business opportunities and make the bold strategic decisions that will transform your business. Working with us as a market research consultant will deliver real results for you and your organization.

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Published by Roe Smithson & Asociados Ltda in Santiago Chile on 24 Oct 2009

Strategic Marketing

Strategic MarketingStrategic marketing is more important than ever as companies face new challenges. Competition has increased through deregulation and globalization.

Gain market and competitor knowledge before investing in the market. Benchmark your own company performance.

We are a specialist strategic marketing consultancy whose purpose is to help business owners and managers achieve their marketing and business development objectives.  At Roe Smithson & Asociados Ltda we enable our clients to:

  • Identify and capitalize on market opportunities
  • Stay ahead of competitors
  • Optimize propositions

Our approach as a strategic marketing consultant is to enable our customers to build their sales and profitability based on a marketing strategy that is focused on developing a sustainable relationship with their customers. We work closely with our clients to create and deliver essential advantage.

As a specialist strategic marketing consultant we are able to flex the service we provide dependant upon your needs. We provide a full service that creates winning marketing strategies to exceed your business objectives. We use the latest tools and techniques to rapidly resolve problems, explore and develop opportunities cost and time efficiently. 

Our job is not only to research and evidence new opportunities and the best way forward, but we also work in implementing operational marketing and business development. We count on a strategic marketing methodology that is unique and highly succesful.

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Published by Roe Smithson & Asociados Ltda in Santiago Chile on 21 Sep 2009

Marketing Plan

marketing planRoe Smithson & Asociados Ltda takes the time to understand your business’ goals, and then custom build an integrated solution to help you achieve those goals by means of a marketing plan, among other market research strategies.

A marketing plan is usually part of a larger business plan that includes production, financial, staffing and management plans. A marketing plan alone does not guarantee success, but it does indicate that many of the factors that affect the profitability and continued survival of a specific business have been given consideration.

Let us help you with developing a business or marketing plan!

Some important elements of a marketing plan are:

  • Marketing situation— Made up by a summary of your business’ present situation, what is it currently selling and how, who are its customers, which are their needs, your business’ competition, your business’ strengths and weaknesses, how is your product being promoted, what the current marketing trends are, etc.
  • Marketing objectives— Include a summary of the business’ short and long term goals, product diversification, additional market segments to tap. Objectives should be realistic and measurable.  Objectives are a dynamic part of the planning process and change depending on the market situation and competition.
  • Marketing strategies— These are ways to achieve the business’ goals, what will it produce, how the new products will be promoted and advertised, the channels of sale, which are the plans to beat your business’ competition.
  • Budgets— Include estimated costs and return based on sales, and strategies for monitoring and curtailing costs.
  • Action plan—Immediate steps to be taken. 
  • Evaluation— Contains a summary of progress on marketing objectives. The frequency of evaluation depends on the plan and could be each month, every six months or annually.

The results of the marketing plan are designed to help make informed and profitable decisions every time. We offer qualitative market research consultancy to clients in: Lima  (Peru) – Buenos Aires (Argentina) – Santa Cruz (Bolivia) – Sao Paulo (Brazil) – Bogotá (Colombia) – Montevideo (Uruguay).

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Published by Roe Smithson & Asociados Ltda in Santiago Chile on 11 Aug 2009

Market Consultant

marketing consultantIncrease your revenue and improve your overall sales and marketing strategy, our marketing consultant services help you find practical, proven ideas to increase sales and market your service or technical business more effectively.

You need our marketing specialist advice to improve your sales!

Our clients include national companies, service-focused businesses, professional services firms and technically trained sales teams from a range of service sectors.

Therefore, each of our clients have different needs and our work pattern varies to suit, as a marketing consultants Roe Smithson & Asociados Ltda addresses their specific sales and marketing requirements and help them attract more business.

We are a marketing consultant company that has understood from experience how important it is for you and your business to have accurate and current market information. We also know what strategies and tactics will be most effective in helping you generate leads, increase revenue and develop relationships. Roe Smithson & Asociados Ltda. provides professional help with:

  • Identifying potential customers & contacts
  • Market assessments and surveys
  • Identifying and researching competitors
  • Assessing price points
  • Promotional campaigns

Let us help you grow your businesses by developing marketing plan and sales processes that are integrated with business plans. You can count on our experience in the development of successful marketing strategies and solutions. Our marketing consultant can assess your company’s needs and desires and tailor a practical solution to meet your company’s goals.

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