ROE SMITHSON & ASOCIADOS is a well recognized company with broad experience in market research and business counseling not only in Chile, but some other countries in South America such as Brazil and Colombia among others. Likewise, Focus Group is an important means to present and evaluate market information and design new strategies to achieve goals.

Focus Group in ChileFocus Group is a powerful tool to figure out services and test valuable market information to share in Focus Group sessions. Focus Group sessions are taken place in Gessel chamber and in Focus groups room.

Focus Group is formed by specialized personnel of certain ages, men and women with specific profiles and different social economical levels to have the broadest sample of the society and generates an important input from the market.

All of the members share each other their points of views about some topics of the objective market and by way of discussions making the sessions an important mean to know how groups of people think about specific matters or how some opinions are held. It is also remarkable in this Focus Group some activities such as planning, design and evaluating new and existing programs.

There are three phases in conducting Focus Group such as Conceptualization, Interview, and Analysis and Report. First of all, conceptualization includes definition of a target and development of a plan. Secondly, interview includes development of questions, skills and participants. And third, Analysis and report, includes evaluating and presentation of results and analysis of the data collected.

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