Blind Client in ChileBlind Client is a very important tool to determine and measure key information from any specific objective market by collecting data form customers directly. Blind Client technique provides important information about customers and practices which support strategic issues.

Blind Client is also a performance evaluation process because allow market researchers learn in the field about behaviors of customers, wrong and correct, that can both be either fixed or kept it in the future. Some hidden behaviors are not detected easily by researchers and tools like Blind Client take it back into consideration to feed in the market strategy.

For all customers, identify the key variables in their market is mandatory. Market researchers must provide to all customers those key considerations of any market in order to base customer´s main strategy and some techniques, such as Blind Client, are pretty helpful to identify, determine, and measure them due to their impact in the market trends.

ROE is a market researcher company, leader by providing solutions to all customers at affordable costs with reliable strategic information to support their Strategic Plan. Moreover, we offer to all our customers, specific techniques such as Blind Client, compliance audits, reward programs, competitor shops, pricing audits, business verifications, physical inspections and merchandising, among other important market services.

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