Retail Research Study KPIWith a Retail Research KPI study you will obtain the tools to determine if your Business is running efficiently.  The information collected during a Retail KPI Research study will contribute the key factors that affect the performance of your Business and will assist you in taking more informed decisions regarding the services, administration, location and use of your company’s resources. When the Retail Research KPI study is followed by the appropriate implementation of a marketing strategy, you will obtain the parameters that will facilitate the evaluation of your strategy and measuring of results to obtain the best use of the recourses available and increase the rentability of your Business.

By implementing a Retail Research KPI study in your Business you will obtain a clear appreciation of the key performances of your operations day by day. The KPI, Key Performance Indicators, are a fundamental tool for the successful Management and organization of the available resources in your Business.

With the most advanced methods in Marketing Analysis of a Retail establishment, ROE SMITHOSN & ASOCIADOS in Santiago, Chile is your expert in the detailed and in depth evaluation of the supply chain and distribution channels in Chile. We have extensive experience in the correct implementation of the most modern marketing techniques and marketing analysis of a supermarket including the use of Mystery Shopper. In a retail business and those establishments where clients receive direct attention, a study of the supply chain and distribution channels will result in identifying the KPI, key performance indicators, that will assist your business in determining:

  • The optimum level of inventory to maintain
  • Guidelines to monitor the daily operation of your traditional distribution channel
  • Areas where is necessary to improve
  • Distribution of the responsibilities to optimize tasks
  • Critical factors for the correct management of the supply chain
  • Opportunities for marketing promotions
  • Strategies in the sale point that will improve the profits and productivity of your business

Additionally, a Retail Research Study KPI will allow you to simulate necessary measures before implementing any change. This is of great value to determine the possible difficulties and problems before they occur. The study of the KPI Sale factors is a powerful tool for improving the profits in your business. Our highly qualified staff has proven experience in the development of Retail Research KPI studies in a wide range of business.

Allow us to show you the benefits in profitability and increased productivity for your business with the use of a Retail Research Study KPI and the optimum market strategy. Send us an Email or Contact us to learn more about the advantages for your Business of a Retail Research Study – KPI!