CATI InterviewsThe CATI – Computer Assisted Telephone Interview- procedure used by  Roe Smithson & Asociados Ltda  is a rising quantitative research method for data collection.

It is a highly standardized method of telephone interviewing, in which the interviewers read off the questions from a computer screen and type the answers directly into the computer as they proceed with the questioning. For many years now, telephone interviews have played a greater role in market research than face-to-face interviews. Some of the advantages of CATI interviews are:

  • Shorter field times
  • Lower cost
  • Higher sample exhaustion due to repeated contact attempts
  • Better interviewer control
  • Less error-prone due to omission of the data-recording phase after the interview
  • Chance to react to weaknesses in the data collection method during the field period

CATI interviews are particularly suitable for:

  • Highly standardized surveys
  • Surveys that would normally be limited or not possible at all with the conventional paper-and-pencil method due to complicated filtering
  • Studies with a very small and precisely-defined gross sample, as the system always stores the reaction to a successful connection and relays the telephone numbers back to the individual work stations after a predefined period of time
  • Surveys with complex quota samples, which are continually checked by the system
  • Studies with difficult target groups that can be contacted via CATI at less cost and more specification

Roe Smithson & Asociados Ltda provides its clients an extremely cost-effective CATI interview method that assures them fast, accurate and usable market research.

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