ROE SMITHSON & ASOCIADOS is leader in investigation and marketing research in Chile and in South America.  We are a company customers can trust on to run their marketing research to support their main strategy, positioning their brand of the company and products, new strategies for new products and markets among other advantages.

Marketing research is a valuable tool for all customers which want to determine key information of the market objective. It is pretty important way to determine customers’ behavior and valuable knowledge of the trends of the market, competitors and also threats, opportunities, strengths and weaknesses of our customers and their competitors. All marketing research must be permanent because dynamism of the market nowadays.

As a marketing consultants ROE SMITHSON & ASOCIADOS use the best techniques to collect data from the market to support marketing research. Some of those techniques can be appointed here such as mystery shopping, on line and one-on-one interviews, focus group, telephone interviews, all types of surveys, among others. Once the information is collected, our professionals present all required reports to customers with all the key information of the objective market to support Strategic Plan.

Marketing research is the best way for customer to know where they stand up in their objective market. This investigation is very pertinent for them to make up their mind about strategies for coming promotions, opening new markets, developing new products to satisfy end users’ requirements and for becoming more profitable in business among others benefits.

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