marketing studies & business counselingThe most recent market research and marketing studies have reported the following as the best business opportunities for 2009 taking into account that troubled economic times cause consumers to be more cautious about what they buy and less optimistic about the economy in general:

1) Fast food franchises – People consuming fast food as integral part of their diet will not stop doing it no matter what. It will also mean some savings for other people. Make sure you pick the right fast food franchise in the right place and this business opportunity could be a real money-maker.

2) Repair businesses – Repairs instead of buying new allow you to save money. Auto repair, shoe repair, furniture refinishing, furniture reupholstering and sewing and mending are some examples of best small business ideas for tough times.

3) Collection agencies – When times get tough, more people have a tough time paying what they owe. Businesses hire collection agencies to help them get the money that’s owed to them.  

4) Medical supplies – Medical equipment and supplies are necessities for growing numbers of people.

5) Motivational speakers– They provide hope in tough times so they’re going to be in demand in 2009. People are interested on listening about their main concerns and possible solutions.

6) Cleaning businesses – Residential cleaning services may drop a bit depending on employment rates but the demand for commercial cleaning will continue to be steady as institutions and businesses just need to get it done.

7) Discount/surplus stores – Consumers will be looking for bargains, making discount and surplus stores a natural business opportunity.

8 ) Sports equipment – Sports devotees will continue to do what they love to do as long as they can and will continue to be willing to pay for the equipment they need to do it. There will, however, be increased interest in used sports equipment.

9) Senior care– Business opportunities in senior care range from opening your own senior care home through providing in-home care or home services such as preparing meals, housekeeping or running errands. Senior care franchises are another option for getting in on this business opportunity.

10) Chocolate – In uncertain times, people will eat even more chocolate.

For all these businesses you will need to find experts that turn the business opportunity you choose into a viable business, Roe Smithson & Asociados Ltda is willing to provide you with assistance on marketing studies and business counseling taking into account the economy, consumer and business trends indicate these are businesses that should be profitable not just for 2009, but for years to come.

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