in depth interviewsIn-depth interviews are often an initial part of the market research process that allows the researcher to understand issues in depth before moving onto quantification.

They are excellent for exploration and understanding the underlying motivations, beliefs, attitudes and feelings of respondents on a particular subject. They provide opportunities for probing deeper issues, uncovering hidden aspects of the subject and also allow flexible adaptation of the interview script.

As a one-to-one qualitative market research technique, Roe Smithson & Asociados Ltda uses the in-depth interview in both business to business and consumer market places to help understand opinions and perceptions. We have great experience in conducting in-depth market research face to face or telephone interviews with consumers or businesses.

Our in-depth interviews provide reliable research which is turned into practical and actionable business solutions, insightful recommendations and marketing/business strategies.

We take pride in being efficient and problem-focused, delivering solutions beyond diagnosis. We set out with a business perspective in mind and deliver actionable business recommendations.

Our fully equipped company allows us to carry out qualitative research and our skillfull representatives allow us to deliver the final product, fast, accurate and at very competitive prices.

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