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Published by Roe Smithson & Asociados Ltda in Santiago Chile on 17 Mar 2009

Market Research

market researchRoe Smithson & Asociados Ltda specializes in high quality market research, customer satisfaction surveys, and mystery shopping. Our high quality market research delivers clear and insightful results at exceptionally competitive prices.

We are very passionate about the experience we deliver to our clients. We conduct market research by phone, web, email, post, street interviewing, executive interviewing and mystery shopping.

We also undertake:
Consumer surveys
• B2B surveys
• Employee satisfaction/Engagement surveys

It has always been our interest to match individual skills with your needs to provide the right assistance for your company. Our fully bespoke service exactly matches your needs, budgets and timescales. As a full service agency, Roe Smithson & Asociados Ltda offers a comprehensive range of traditional and innovative market research techniques, methodologies and practices. We take pride in offering a mix of new, ambitious researchers forging studies in new areas alongside the more experienced researchers who have a wealth of research knowledge. 

Our clients rely on us to provide critical information about buying habits, needs, preferences and opinions of both current and prospective customers. It is our promise to always offer the best value for money and the highest quality market research.

Whether your company’s goal is to expand into new markets, introduce a new product or service, or gauge customer reactions, every type of business can benefit from our very well-planned market research studies.

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Published by Roe Smithson & Asociados Ltda in Santiago Chile on 10 Mar 2009

Competitive Intelligence

competitive intelligenceCompetitive intelligence is a structured approach to gathering, analyzing and communicating data to make informed business decisions. The data that is obtained can be collected from publicly available published sources -primary- or human sources -secondary-.

As a business, you want to stay competitive. In order to do this, you need to constantly analyze the existing market for any relevant changes. As a business owner, the information you find and interpret is essential to your survival.

In order for you to be successful, you need to adapt to any changes in the market or else you could lose money. As a result, competitive intelligence is a key discipline in enabling company’s preserves and expand competitive advantage in their business environment.

At Roe Smithson & Asociados Ltda we provide the robust competitive intelligence your company needs to take strategic and tactical business decisions confidently. We explore and analyze your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, including overall performance, organization, sales and marketing activity, customer reputation, pricing and product portfolio.

We offer the expertise and knowledge to help your company develop proficiency in competitive intelligence as well as business intelligence. We look forward to helping our clients improve their performance by making better decisions through the application of solid intelligence on their markets and competitors. When we help companies establish competitive intelligence capabilities our work translates into bottom-line gains for our clients.

Our intelligence assignments and capabilities cover a wide range of topics, and the components of our work in this area include:

  • Best practice development
  • Benchmarking and evaluation
  • Performance measurement and comparison
  • Sales tactic development
  • Long term and strategic planning
  • Hot topic tracking
  • How-to-sell-against tactical support material
  • Trend analysis and forecasting

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Published by Roe Smithson & Asociados Ltda in Santiago Chile on 24 Feb 2009

Data Base Development

data base developmentCapturing the right data from your customers and using this data to your company’s benefit is essential for all types of core businesses.The results of Data Base Development will be:

  • Increased profit to your business
  • Higher business efficiency
  • More informed and dynamic sales force
  • Updated marketing statistics about your business
  • Improved supplier statistics
  • Media statistics

It is our idea that a tailored solution, unique to the client’s particular market, requirements and systems will certainly give any business the leading edge in their particular market. Data base development in South America is a valuable resource that allows businesses to address their most important challenges first, and immediately respond to a changing commercial environment.

Our company’s main goal is to empower your company to control and optimize the use of your data. Roe Smithson & Asociados Ltda skilled staff of data base development in South America will work with you to help optimize your business opportunities. It means we will assist you at all stages from assessing the objectives, specifying a database design, managing the implementation and maintaining the database on a daily basis.

Make the most of our vast experience in data base development designing, building and hosting complex marketing databases. After having looked at your Database Development needs, Roe Smithson & Asociados Ltda will help you design and implement a strong custom database system.

Let us merge all your data into a a consistent format to make it easily accessible and functional for a variety of marketing purposes. This resulting single view will provide a more complete, up-to-date picture of each individual customer, enabling you to maximize your marketing potential.

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Published by Roe Smithson & Asociados Ltda in Santiago Chile on 21 Oct 2008

Competitive Intelligence

competitive intelligenceIn order for a business to stay competitive it is necessary for it to constantly analyze the existing market for any relevant changes. In addition, for  a business to survive and to be successful, it shall adapt to any changes in the market.

The key is to gather and analyze information about the market and about your business’ competitors for sources that are open to the public. This process is called Competitive Intelligence.

This process is much more than merely gathering information. It is not only necessary to know where to go to find the data but it is also necessary to interpret it. The continuous change of the market makes also necessary to have a way to gather the data on a constant basis. Once the data is taken, is analyzed and the business owner learns how to use it to increase its knowledge about the company and the market, then he will be engaging in Competitive Intelligence.

There are different types of Competitive Intelligence tools and techniques:

  • Contacting Government Agencies can yield valuable data but may often require excessive lead time.
  • Searching Online Databases is a faster method of finding competitive information, although it is more expensive. Database search does not provide information that has not been released to the public or that has not yet been collected.
  • From companies and investment community resources – Some types of data that are not widely available from databases can be procured by contacting the corporation itself or from investment community sources.
  • Surveys and interviews – Surveys can yield plenty of data about competitors and products, while interviews can provide more in-depth perspectives from a limited sample. – Drive-by and On-site observations of the competitor’s parking spaces, new construction-in-progress, customer service at retail outlets, volume and pattern of suppliers’ or customers’ trucks, etc. can yield useful Competitive Intelligence information about the state of the competitor’s business.
  • Competitive Benchmarking is used for comparing the organization’s operations against those of the competitor’s.
  • Defensive Competitive Intelligence involves monitoring and analyzing one’s own business activities as the competitors and outsiders see them.
  • Reverse Engineering of competitor’s products and services may yield important Competitive Intelligence information about their quality and costs.

This is an important process because without the proper knowledge to back any business decisions, an organization will be at risk for losing money. Therefore, to avoid failing to take advantage of a current trend, so your competitors could reap the benefits and might leave you out, talk to our group of capable professionals at Roe Smithson & Asociados Ltda that will carry out the process of Competitive Intelligence for you including a series of steps such as data collection, organization, analysis, application, etc.

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